An Interview with Kirk Benjamin

Kirk Benjamin is currently running as a Democrat for Ohio’s 10th Congressional District. He was kind enough to sit down with Reconstructing Dayton to tell us about himself and his platform.

Benjamin originally hails from Dayton and spent much of his life working on computers in Silicon Valley. He has a very unconventional platform and is running a very unconventional campaign. Originally, he had hoped that the media attention from running for Congress would help him publicly advocate for his political ideas. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t pay much attention to most Congressional so this hasn’t worked out well for Kirk. One of the reasons we hold these interviews at Reconstructing Dayton is because we have noticed this very problem. Without a robust local media, the electorate oftentimes has no idea who they’re voting for.

Benjamin’s primary policy is to implement scales of economy to make things more efficient. Initially, this sounds like an argument that aligns with socialism, but he insisted that maintaining capitalist competition was central to this idea. His key example is to mass produce educational curriculum and standardize it.

Another theme Kirk continually referred to was consulting experts. He feels that too many politicians assume expertise in fields they have no experience in, and this leads them to make poor decisions. Benjamin argues that turning the work of academy into tangible policy could lead to transformative reform.

Benjamin is certainly not a traditional candidate. He has no affiliation with the local Democratic party and does not seem particularly concerned with traditional partisan issues. He certainly doesn’t sound like your typical politician. At the very least, Benjamin brings some interesting ideas to the table.

Note: We botched Kirk’s video a bit so the camera info shows the whole time. Sorry Kirk!



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