Montgomery County

Montgomery County City/Township Fact-Sheet

Here is our ever-expanding spreadsheet of essential information pertaining to the cities and townships within Montgomery County, Ohio. Not only does it demonstrate just how many local jurisdictions are crammed within this single county, but it also provides the websites for these local governments, their poplation, size, density, city manager, and more.

We’re currently working to expand this spreadsheet to make it more comprehensive and we will also update it soon to include the 2020 census numbers. If there’s anything you think should be added to the spreadsheet or if you have data to share, shoot us an e-mail.

Dayton Together Research Archive

From 2009–2016, several community leaders worked to bring regionalism to the Dayton area to make the region more economically competitve and to help make development more strategic. The tactic they settled on was a city-county merger that would also merge some major...

Dayton Historic Redlining

Historic Redlining in Dayton, Ohio Redlining was a system of grading neighborhoods established by the Home Owners' Loan Corporation to determine which neighborhoods were desirable and which ones were "hazardous." The redlining system was used to reinforce segregation...

City Manager Pay Per Person

The chart below provides a visualization of how much city managers are paid compared to how many people they represent. As you can see, for medium to large sized cities the managers are paid comparable salaries. Kettering and Centerville even pay their city managers...


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