Ranked-Choice Voting is on the Way!

Aside from our work digitizing campaign finance reports, it may have seemed rather quiet around here this month. That’s because almost all of our time has been spent working behind the scenes to engage with the community regarding our ranked-choice voting ballot initiative. The reception has been positive and constructive. There will be some additional changes implemented to help ensure solidarity around the initiative but these will be minor. In the near future we will have a more detailed update concerning our progress and the state of the initiative.

We have used a slideshow presentation in some of our meetings and we decided to turn it into a video so the public can see how we’ve been selling this initiative behind closed doors. As with any major political reform, transparency is crucial or the public with (rightfully) distrust the change.

We’re still looking for more volunteers to circulate petitions. You can fill out a contact form here to volunteer. And, as always, donations will provide us the resources to achieve our policy goals.


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