Civic Info

2021 City of Dayton Candidate Questionnaire

It’s election season again and that means we’re reaching out to candidates with our candidate questionnaires. Our 2021 candidate questionnaire for the  City of Dayton elections has been sent out and we’re currently awaiting responses. Should we choose to endorse any candidates, they will have to fill out the questionnaire. All candidates who complete the questionnaire will be invited to a sit-down interview we will broadcast here on the website and on social media.

Candidates we’ve reached out to:


  • Gary Leitzell
  • Jeffrey Mims
  • Rennes Bowers

City Commissioner

  • Darryl Fairchild
  • Shenise Turner-Sloss
  • Jared Grandy
  • Scott Sliver
  • Valerie Duncan
  • Stacy Benson-Taylor
  • Jordan Wortham

We’re looking for candidates who support measures that will increase local efficiency, especially in the form of regional cooperation. We would also like to see candidates who support ranked-choice voting, enforcing the Ohio Sunshine laws, and strengthening core city services.

Below is a copy of the candidate questionnaire. All questions are yes/no but provide a space for additional comments. If there are any questions you would like us to ask candidates during our interviews, leave a comment below or contact through our web form or on social media.