On the side of the cereal box is a label, it lists all the ingredients and the nutritional value. It’s required by law. When you buy a new car, there is a specified sticker, telling you all the features, gas mileage and the price- again, required by law.

When you go to vote- you have to rely on :30 second tv commercials, yard signs and voter slate cards for the most part- and maybe a poorly run candidates night. Does that seem right?

Reconstructing Dayton wants to build a “Truth in Government” system that tells you the true costs and “nutritional value” of all the things you vote for- from political office to tax levy- and have it localized to YOU. That’s right- type in your address, and find out all the people that represent you, the taxes you are expected to pay to support them, and the expiration dates of levies, and how your valuation affects you. It will also tell you when the next vote is for that office or levy, how to run, and deadlines.

Now, that sounds like a massive undertaking doesn’t it? It is. What makes it even more massive is the insane number of jurisdictions, boundaries, taxation structures that Montgomery County has allowed to thrive in this hot-mess of cities, townships, villages and banana republics. There are parts of Dayton that  are in Huber Heights Schools, there are townships that span multiple counties, there are townships where they only make “the little people” pay an income tax- despite the fact that townships can’t charge an income tax.

All of this, needs clarification if we ever want to get our moneys worth out of our tax dollars. And Reconstructing Dayton, unfortunately, will need some of your money to build this system. It’s one of our primary initiatives in our plan and will help make voting in Montgomery County a well informed decision, right down to your total tax bill if you vote for a new levy or assessment.